HLAI derives its strength from active committees and encourages your participation. HLAI strives to continually involve its members in its various committees depending on the organization's ever-changing needs. Please check back for new committee information or contact us to learn how you can get involved.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will provide information on the events, promotions, news, job announcements, and volunteer opportunities that are of interest to HLAI members. We will do this through the quarterly publication of our newsletter "Noticias", the HLAI website and our HLAI Facebook page. For information on joining the committee or if you have information that is of interest to the membership, please contact the Committee Chair Juan Morado Jr. at

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach Committee strives to provide members with opportunities to interact and serve the Latino Community throughout Illinois. Given the ever increasing Latino community in Illinois there is a tremendous need for bilingual attorneys who are able to provide legal services in civil, criminal and quasi-criminal matters. The Community Outreach Committee facilitates in connecting attorneys with a desire to serve the community and individuals in need of legal services. Another critical opportunity for involvement is the mentoring of students. The Community Outreach Committee concentrates its efforts in mentoring students interested in entering the legal profession. However, the Community Outreach Committee also recognizes that the diversity of backgrounds in HLAI's membership is one of its strengths. Therefore, the Community Outreach Committee also provides mentoring opportunities in other areas of educational interest per request. For more information contact Juan Morado Jr. at

JD Mentors Committee

The HLAI JD Mentors Program Committee was formalized last year to solidify HLAI's commitment to student mentorship by creating a program that pairs the experience of a practicing attorneys with the on-going journey of undergraduate college students and a current law students in developing their careers. Juntos Destacando provides an opportunity for students to find a mentor with similar career goals or interests who is available to answer their questions. The program also gives attorneys an opportunity to provide a much needed service to those who are now walking the path they once tread. The purpose behind Juntos Destacando is to increase the number of Hispanic students entering law school and to ensure the success of current Hispanic law students in their transition from student to professional. Juntos Destacando fosters this "Three-tiered Team" approach because it has proven to be far more effective than the traditional one-on-one mentor relationship. Juntos Destacando allows each of the participants. Should you be interested in participating, please contact the JD Mentors Committee Chairs Kevin Gallardo and Matt Alva at .

Latina Lawyers Committee

The Latina Lawyers' Committee ("LLC") provides practicing Latina lawyers and Latina law students with guidance, mentoring, empowerment, and networking opportunities.
To join the LLC, please contact Rosa M. Silva at .

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee provides benefits of membership information to members. The committee also develops and maintains a listing of all member attorneys and their area of practice. For more information please contact the Membership Secretary, Dave Navarro, at .  

Judicial Evaluations Committee

HLAI is a member of the Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening, which includes the ISBA and HLAI’s sister organization, the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois. Through the Alliance, HLAI evaluates and rates the qualifications of sitting and perspective Illinois judges at the Circuit, Appellate and Supreme Court levels. The evaluations are conducted at the request of the Illinois Supreme Court, the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, or for upcoming elections. Evaluation results concerning elections are posted at HLAI members who are interested in participating in these evaluations must complete the investigator training at the ISBA. Training dates differ. For more information, contact the Committee Chair,  

In-House Counsel Committee

HLAI's In-House Counsel Committee strives to provide specifically tailored networking opportunities to Hispanic corporate attorneys with an eye towards achieving two primary goals: (a) providing meaningful networking opportunities to in-house counsel members that may serve to advance their movement up the corporate ladder; and (b) helping HLAI's private practice attorney members grow within their firms by providing them exposure that may lead to client development opportunities. The Committee plans an annual in-house counsel event and may offer a more casual event to build upon connections made. For additional information, please contact the In-House Counsel Committee Co-Chairs: Spiridoula “Litza” Mavrothalasitis or Jorge Leon at  

LGBT Rights Committee

HLAI’s LGBT Committee focuses on issues particularly relevant to HLAI’s LGBT members. The committee organizes events with other Chicago-area legal, professional and community groups where HLAI members can network with other LGBT leaders and professionals. The committee also works with area law schools to educate and inform students about available resources and opportunities through HLAI. For more information, contac committee Chair Stephanie Miller at  

CLE Committee

HLAI's CLE Committee programs or seeks out CLE opportunities, including free or discounted CLE's, for its members. If you have any ideas or would like to participate, please contact the CLE Committee Chair Ernesto Palomo or Co-Chair Janneth Herrera at . To promote the professional development of its members and other attorneys, it is the policy of HLAI to allow attorneys who are unemployed or experiencing other financial hardship to attend a HLAI sponsored CLE program at a reduced rate or no cost. An applicant may apply for such attendance by e-mail or telephone call to the Chair of HLAI’s CLE Committee. HLAI may also discount or waive CLE fees for government attorneys and law students.

Legislative Committee

The HLAI Legislative Committee is responsible for monitoring legislation of interest that has the potential to impact the Hispanic community and the legal profession. Any such significant legislation regarding developments in policy, law, and practices are reported to HLAI members. It also helps coordinate legislative responses from HLAI to members of the Legislature, as needed. For more information please contact Co-Chairs Claudia Castro and Juan Morado Jr. at  

Bylaws Committee

The Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois (HLAI) Bylaws Committee is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the HLAI's bylaws. The bylaws set forth the HLAI's rules and guide our operations and activities. The HLAI's bylaws also outline our organizational structure, which includes its Board of Directors, their roles, and code of conduct. The HLAI bylaws detail our organization's policies, procedures, and other internal controls, such as, how we manage conflicts of interest. The HLAI Bylaws Committee recommends creation or revision of such bylaws to the HLAI Board of Directors, who vote to adopt and implement such recommendations. For more information please contact the Bylaws Committee at  

Young Lawyers Committee

The Young Lawyers Committee aims to provide newly admitted attorneys (practicing for 10 years or less) mentorship and networking opportunities with more seasoned HLAI members and learning tools for professional and personal success. Additionally, the committee offers a forum for young lawyers to find common ground and relationships with other similarly situated young attorneys in a social, supportive and fun environment. For more information please contact the Young Lawyers Committee at  

Business Development and Practice Development Committee

The HLAI Business Development and Practice Development Committee assists members by furthering the development and improvement of client relationships, educating HLAI members on trends in practice areas, as well as related professional responsibilities. The HLAI Business Development and Practice Development Committee is empowered and expected to address all issues of interest to its members and associated with a modern law practice, including: Business development and marketing; Law office and legal department administration; Client relations; Resource development and networking; Provide a mechanism for attorneys in solo and small practices to share knowledge, network and professional development. For more information please contact the Business Development and Practice Development Committee Chair Homero Tristan at

Business Law Committee

The Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois’s (HLAI) Business Law Committee was founded in order to help connect lawyers involved in business law, both transactional- and litigation-related.  With a practical focus, its mission is to help continue the education in this wide-area, equip lawyers to better serve their clients, and promote Hispanic and minority involvement in the business law sector. Business Law Committee Co-Chairs Tom Reyonlds and Armando Gamboa at

Law School Committee

The Law School Committee is comprised of practicing attorneys who serve as liaisons to participating law schools in Illinois. The Law School Committee encourages law students to learn about HLAI, participate in HLAI events, and bring law school issues to the attention of HLAI. The Law School Committee provides law students with opportunities to meet and network with practicing attorneys and to gain insight into the realities of attending law school and becoming a member of the legal profession. If you are a practicing attorney interested in serving on the Law School Committee or serving as a representative to one of the area law schools please contact us at